Nike Jordan Melo M8 makes an spectacular product launch event

When you are Nike, the expectations can only get higher and higher. An as always Nike manages to make a big splash combining experimental visual technologies and smart creative. Enjoy the show. Thanks to DigitalBuzz for the tip.  

Move over 3D, 4D is here moving from fantasy to branding (at a cost)

When I first watched the amazing technology used on the 600th anniversary of the Prague Astronomical Clock I was blown away. I've never seen such a combination of projection technologies and remarkable creativity. The funny thing is that at the time it didn't occurred to me its potential application to branding. Probably because the cost of a production like this would be off limits for most brands. How naive. Expensive yes, but still may be a worthy branding investment for that special event and that high profile brand. Surely Ralph Laurent thought so. They hired three different companies (MPC joined forces with United Visual Artists and Drive) to create an astounding 10 minute 4D building projection. The question is who would be next to use this extravagant branding medium and how long it would take for the impact of this technology to fade and something else to amaze us.     
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