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When a wearable camcorder becomes a life partner. Cool, but what about my privacy?

November 6, 2010

If you ever thought "I wish I had a video camera" when something interesting just caught your eye, you are going to like these wearable cameras. They are lightweight, high resolution and no doubt they also have tons fun of practical uses.

Ok, here's and idea: how about creating a community where all members share live video footage using geolocation technology so you could click on a map location or type a zip code and see what's happening live in that location. Hmm.  

On the other hand, are we all going to be forced to be YouTube stars now?. Can you imagine a world where everyone is videotaping everyone just about everywhere? Would new privacy laws be needed to deal with this video craze? What do you think? 

To learn more about available wearable camcorders Read the full story .

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